Municipality of Veles – Smart Solutions Veles-To be continued…

Overall objective: To contribute to better smart urban development of the city centre by solving the traffic chaos that causes problems both in the development of the city and the everyday life of the citizens

Specific objectives: To decrease the air pollution in the central city area for at least 5% through introduce new Urban mobility habits in the period of 2 years; To increase smart pedestrian and bicycle zones in the central city area; To increase the public transport share to at least 15%


Municipality of Radovish – Green Heat-introduction of efficient customer-oriented small-grid district heating service based on renewable energy sources

Overall objective: To enable forward-looking, environment-friendly municipal heating services that contribute to improved living conditions for the local population through a pilot-unit in Municipality of Radovish.

Specific objectives: Introduced innovative, replicable model for small-grid district heating (DH) services by accelerating utilization of locally available resources; Strengthened capacities of the key actors having competencies for efficient transition to advanced and greener heating services at local level; Promoted utilization of climate-oriented, advanced solutions for delivery of services that stimulate greener local economy.


Municipality of Tetovo – Innovative digital municipal solutions in Municipality of Tetovo

Overall objective: Contribution to increased quality of living in Municipality of Tetovo through digitization of municipal services

Specific objective: Application of ICT solution for improving urban & inspectors’ municipal services.


Municipality of Aerodrom – “Clean AirDrom”-Zero Solid Waste in Municipality of Aerodrom

Overall objective: To contribute to increased sustainability of urban living in Municipality of Aerodrom by introducing innovative waste management model.

Specific objectives: То improve quality of living for citizens in Municipality of Aerodrom by introduction of a smart solid waste management system.


City of Skopje – Re-Cycle and Re-Use of Construct and Demolition Waste (Re-Construct)

Overall objective: To increase and improve capacities of City of Skopje for transition to a circular economy and sustainable re-use of constructional and demolition waste through identification of illegal dumpsites, monitoring and interventions for closing constructional material cycle and avoiding future waste.

Specific objectives: Improved city performance and piloting successful innovative transition to circular economy in CD waste management.


Municipality of Vrapciste – Integrated and Inclusive Municipality of Vrapcishte-Leave No One Behind

Overall objective: Inclusive and equitable educational and social practices in rural municipality of Vrapchishte

Specific objectives: Providing educational facility for children with disabilities to learn, play, and socialize within the community they live in; Creating a supportive environment for children with disabilities in the municipality of Vrapcishte; Improving their access to employment, community social, and outreach resources; Replicated and adapted best practice solutions from Slovenian local authorities in EU Member State.


Municipality of Ohrid – Roads Not Taken: Municipality of Ohrid Going Green, Smart, Innovative (OHRID GO)

Overall objective: To strengthen the capacity of Ohrid Municipality to strategise, plan and implement innovative, smart and green solutions to local developmental challenges that are in line with EU priorities.

Specific objective: To decrease the carbon footprint from transport by creating the necessary preconditions for greener urban mobility via establishing (an expandable) Smart City Bike System; To diversify the local touristic offer by introducing green leisure facilities (Adrenaline park and Pump Track) and joint smart marketing tools for green alternative tourism (My Ohrid Mobile App); To move the local economy towards knowledge-based fundaments and the local policy making towards inclusive social innovations via establishing and running a Smart Ideas Hub and mobilizing private resources for sustainable development.


Municipality of Strumica – Strumica-Smart velo city

Overall objective: To contribute in better quality of life of citizens and cleaner & healthier environment by increasing capacities of Municipality of Strumica and introducing innovative solution for urban mobility.

Specific objectives: To improve urban mobility in the City of Strumica by establishing bicycle friendly infrastructure and smart bicycle self-rental system; To foster the use of non-motorised transport as a healthy, ecological and cost-effective mode of transport through cooperation with other stakeholders; To change the traffic culture of the local population and the visitors of the City of Strumica by raising their awareness and offering proper services.”