The Call for Proposals “Improving Local Government Services through Innovative Concepts” was launched in October 2020. Out of 58 applications, in December 2021, eight municipalities were selected by the evaluation committee and the contracts were signed with the municipalities of Aerodrom, Ohrid, Radovish, Strumica, Tetovo, Veles, Vrapchishte, and the City of Skopje.

All eight municipalities informed the TA team that started to implement their projects in December 2021 or in January 2022.

Winning municipalities and titles of the co-financed projects:

Municipality of Aerodrom“Clean AirDrom”-Zero Solid Waste in Municipality of Aerodrom
Municipality of Ohrid – Roads Not Taken: Municipality of Ohrid Going Green, Smart, Innovative (OHRID GO)
Municipality of RadovishGreen Heat-introduction of efficient customer-oriented small-grid district heating service based on renewable energy sources
Municipality of StrumicaStrumica-Smart velo city
Municipality of TetovoInnovative digital municipal solutions in Municipality of Tetovo
Municipality of VelesSmart Solutions Veles-To be continued…
Municipality of VrapcisteIntegrated and Inclusive Municipality of Vrapcishte-Leave No One Behind
City of SkopjeRe-Cycle and Re-Use of Construct and Demolition Waste (Re-Construct)